Middleton Farms

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Middleton Farms: A Family Tradition

Middleton Farms is a family owned, working dairy farm. It is located off of Airport Blvd. less than 2 miles from the Alabama/Mississippi state line.

Our farm is a third-generation farm that was started on December 1, 1948. With the decrease in family farms, we want to educate the public on where milk comes from and how it is a wholesome product produced in the local community.

Our farm consists of over 500 Holstein cows. Our family grows and harvests over 75% of the food eaten by our cows. Our cows are fed corn, silage, and other grains. They graze in green pastures throughout the year.

We opened our doors to allow the public to learn how milk gets from "moo to you" in February of 2013. We've welcomed over 6,000 visitors from Alabama, Mississippi, Kansas, Washington, and Sweden. Our newly constructed educational facility was designed to offer visitors a close-up experience with hands-on activities. As part of our educational tours/field trips, visitors will learn the history behind Middleton Farms, be introduced to the dairy commodity, compare farming in the past to farming today, view the different feeds offered to our cows, be introduced to the unique cow anatomy, view the cow life-cycle from calf to cow, bottle feed a baby calf, make butter, watch a live cow-milking demonstration, play "udderly" fun games, and more.

We are excited to invite public, private, daycare, and homeschool groups to our educational facility. Please view the "more" tab for Alabama Course of Study Objectives that will be covered at each station. We will also accomodate older students, so if you would like to contact us, please click on the link and tell us about your group. The "more" tab also provides field trip information, a calendar of available dates, and dairy links to lesson plans, games, recipes, and more. To select a date, just view our calendar. We aim to see approximately 125 students a day. By clicking on a date, you can see how many students are scheduled for that day. Just send us an email for your requested date, and we will try to accomodate your group and your requests. Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to seeing you on the farm.